Rent your boat today!

For your safety, our boats are available for rent unless there is a storm or wind advisory. We have the right to cancel or refuse service if the there is a storm warning. We also have the right to refuse service if the customer has no knowledge of how to operate a boat or if you exceed the maximum number of people. You will still be charged the cancellation fee if you bring more than 8 people.

*Drivers must be over 21, have valid drivers license, in addition to boating experience.

*We only accept major credit cards (no debit cards). If card entered says, debit anywhere on it we will not hold the reservation and major credit card will need to be presented at check-in to rent boat. 
*We accept all major credit cards( Visa, Mastercard, American Express & Discover)

*There is a $100 cancellation fee on all boat rentals.
*If anything happens to the boat the card on file will be charged in the amount of damages.
*You will not be issued a full or partial refund if you return the boat early under any circumstances. Regardless of family emergencies or bad weather.